We offer a broad spectrum of modern dental medicine for the entire family. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding a specific treatment or issue, we will be pleased to advise you personally. 

  • Prophylaxis

    Scientific investigations have shown that a regular „professional teeth cleaning (Professionelle Zahnreinigung – PZR)“ due to your individual mouth situation should be done periodically.
    Combined with your domestic mouth care the professional teeth cleaning is the key component to maintain healthy teeth.
    We will remove unattractive discoloration caused by coffee, nicotine or red vine – Enjoy the feeling of clean,  polished teeth after the PZR !

    Our Service + Prophylaxe
    + specially trained prophylaxis team
    + determination of your personal caries and parodontosis risks
    + usefull and according to your personal needs prophylaxis program
    + recall service with appointment reminder

  • Aesthetic dentistry

    Does the shape or colour of your teeth distrub you? Did you lose any teeth and they need to be replaced?
    Do your old fillings or dental prothesis are unattractive and not nice to look at?
    There are a lot of reasons for dental treatment. We are experts on white teeth and dazzlingly beautiful smiles.
    If you have any questions, please contact us via E-Mail or give us a call (0251 562 265) to arrange an individual appointment.

    We are looking forward to providing you, and your family, with comprehensive, compassionate, quality dental care!

    Her Service Aesthetic:
    + Mrs. Dr. Hertle specialized in the field of aesthetic dentistry
    + dental counselling by highly qualified masters of dental technology in our office

  • Dental prosthesis

    High-quality and beautiful dental prothesis, whether removable or permanent, enable the patient to normally chew again and furthermore enhance the quality of life. The problems that may arise out of misarranged or missing denture are versatile.  Among a bad chew function, it may cause an incorrect loading and a dysfunction of  teeth and jaw joint. Moreover it might be difficult to speak and many patients  feel aestetically affected.
    Do you have any specific questions concerning dentures?
    Or are you interested in a functional or aesthetic improvement of your dental prothesis?
    Do you wish for a particular cost-sensitive solution?

    Please feel free to arrange a noncommittal consultation in our office hours at 0251 526 265.
    We take time for your questions!

    Our Service + dentures
    + noncommittal and fair advising matching your personal wishes, needs and financial abilities
    + we take an extra portion of time for you in our „denture consultation-hour“
    + Beeing afraid of dental treatment or having  teeth in a poor condition is not a reason to feel ashamed, we are looking forward to help every patient in any situation
    + if necessary, favourable installment payment, interest-free via our billing institute

  • Paediatric dentistry

    Paediatric dentistry starts for us during your pregnancy.
    We consider the improvement of the maternal dental health and a comprehensive counselling and enlightenment as the best basis for your child’s teeth and mouth health. From the first primary tooth we will be at your side and inform you about the eruption of teeth, the bite development,  the nutrition for maintaining healthy teeth and oral hygiene thats suitable for children. From the age of 2 to 3 children should visit the dentist every six-month and usually the short visit is great fun!
    Did you know, that the statutory health insurance not only pays for a dental control examination for children in the age of 6 to 18 but also for an individual prophylaxis treatment?
    This children and teenage prophylaxe includes (besides the control of oral hygiene) also brushing techniques, dental sealants, fluoridation of the teeth and a professional teeth cleaning matching children’s teeth.

    Our Service Paediatric dentistry
    + child friendly treatment in a relaxed and familiar atmosphere
    + no extra payment for tooth-coloured fillings for children up to the age of 18 years
    + child friendly individual prophylaxe made by professionally trained employees
    + recall system with appointment reminder

  • Periodontitis therapy

    Do you suffer from inflammend or swollen gums, gum bleeding or halitosis? Did your gum recede or did you notice a loosening of your own teeth?
    The Periodontitis is the body’s response to certain bacteria that have been allowed to accumulate on the teeth. If left unchecked, the inflammation can spread down below the gums and along the roots of the teeth, causing destruction of the periodontal ligament and the supporting bone. This ultimately leads to the loosening and potential loss of the teeth.  In addition it was established that it exists a versatile interaction between gum inflammation and generalised disases (e.g. diabetes or cardiovascular disease).
    If you are diagnosed with paradontitis, the combination of our provided  professional dental therapies and your domestic mouth care enables to stop paradontitis.
    Thereby we focus the most gentle treatment and a comprehensive clarification of the causes of the disease.
    Together with you we aim to do everthing to ensure that you will be able to properly bite again!

    Our Service + Periodontitis therapy
    + comprehensive diagnosis and clarification
    + digitales radiography within the diagnosis – thus less radiation exposure
    + depending on your needs microbial germ testing/bacteria analysis
    + individually coordinated recall intervals during aftercare
    + qualified instructions regarding intensive domestic mouth hygiene

  • Root canal treatment

    Despite modern treatment methods the root canal treatment did still not lose the fear it causes among the population. We know about the thoughts and feelings of many patients. Unfortunately there are no other treatment methods to maintain a tooth especially when the thooth’s nerve is inflamed or already nectrotic.

    In our office we use modern and innovative treatment methods to make the treatment as pleasant, fast and successful in the long-term as possible. Because tooth preservation is of particular importance for us!

     Our Service + Root canal treatment
    + sensitive treatment with great understanding of anxiety
    + digitales radiography– thus less radiation exposure
    + if requested electrometric length determination of the root canal and mechanical preparation with break-proof nickel-titanium files

  • Implantology

    The reasons for the loss of natural teeth are versatile. Implantology is regarded as a progressive method to reconstruct the chew function with an adequate aestethik and so to reassure the chewing function.

    With implantology it is possible to replace any missing tooth. Fixed or removable dentures can be placed on implants.We cooperate with experienced  implantologists and a specialized dental laboratory.

    Do you have any questions regarding implantology? Just contact us, we  will be pleased to advise you personally.

  • Metal-free denture of all-ceramic

    Innovative technologies made it possible to manufacture metal-free denture. Especially allergy sufferers and radiation-sensitive patients benefit from the use of metal-free dental prothesis.

    We advice and present you a range of options to find the best solution for your teeth. All-ceramic denture is characterised by its natural appearance, long-lasting stability  and high compatibility. Bridges and crowns made from zircon oxide non-metal ceramics provide all that you expect from modern dentures. A full ceramic dental prothesis based on cercon enables a natural appearance so the replaced tooth can not be distinguished from the others. It represents an optimal solution for allergy sufferers. For almost 20 years zircon oxide non-metal ceramics have been used in dental medicine and until now not a single case of allergic reaction is reported.

  • Functional diagnosis

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  • Bleaching

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  • Snore guards

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